New year resolution

New Year Resolution

Every year, millions of people across the world make various New Year resolutions related to health and fitness.

It could be a fitness resolution for weight loss, weight gain or something that hurting them physically or psychologically in their day to day life.

However, it involves hard work and a small amount of time.

Most people can not keep their new year resolutions and it becomes unsuccessful or forgotten even within a few days or in a one-month.

Common reasons for this are unrealistic goals setting or couldn’t prioritize work out on other jobs.

Furthermore, as we pack in our office-related work or household work, we often forget our promise to involve in a workout routine, morning walk exercise or anything similar.

So, the question is how to make a successful new year resolution?

First of all, It is time to understand that health is the biggest wealth of our life. Thus, It must be done as a routine job like we eat, drink, or go to the office.

Merely creating resolutions is not enough. Instead, we must require to keep short term and long term goal setting and healthy habits for healthier living.

Finally, hear is Fitness Ideas that make your new year resolution successful get Follow Healthy Lifestyle

A simple fitness plan that you can follow


Fitness plan


Whether you are entirely new to exercise, you have to start for a fitness plan by creating a list of New Year resolution ideas but it must be simple and realistic that you can follow.

This will depend on your existing physical condition; such as you want to:

Weight loss
• Weight gain
• Simply be in shape
• Boost your strength.

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Easy workout plan for men and women


workout plan


Firstly, Before you start any exercise program, you should ask yourself a few questions

When can you exercise?
Where you will do exercise?
Which is convenient times and days to do a workout in each week?
Types of exercises you can do at home with no equipment required.
What kind of diet you should follow to achieve your fitness goal.

Choose simple and easy exercises.

You should start with easy and interesting fundamental full body workout exercises at home like,


Accordingly, your goal you can install easy workout apps on your phone.

You must lookout simple and easy exercises that you can do at home without any equipment and diet recipes to give you a suggestion for what to eat and what to not.

  • Involve a partner with you


workout partner


After you find the best workout app or do it on your own, you should hunt for a partner to perform the exercise with you.

Starting your fitness journey with a good partner will help you to stick with your new year resolution and increase your probability to achieve success in the later months.

  • Keep track of your plan


Fitness resolutions often come with deadlines and protocols.

You need to keep track and set the daily reminder and then begin your work out with utmost dedication and perseverance.

Continue it until you meet the deadline. Be specific with your objectives and implement them accordingly.

This will lead to a healthier lifestyle in the long run. You can take the help of tracker applications that can be helpful like step counter, water balance, calories burnt, etc.

  • Always start with small and then go for big plans


Start from small


To make your successful New Year resolution go with small plans and action. You can keep track of your diary for a constant push and motivation.

Display it on your refrigerator or computer or mirror for a reminder. These will constantly prompt your goal and kick start your day with a few minutes of passionate workout and sweat relieving exercises.

In the later stage, you will celebrate your victory after feeling the improvement in physical structure with respect to better health.

This winter instead of hibernating yourself, focus on health and fitness for a significant and healthy living.

  • Change your routine habits.


good fitness habits


Walking: Start taking walk for short distance.
Stairs: Take the stairs wherever possible.
Sleep: Get enough sleep
Breathing: Take 3 long breath on a regular interval
Water Intake: keep drink water reminder.
Food Intake: Take more fruits and veggies. Don’t skip meals.
Aware: Be aware to be happy

  • No sin, if you could not keep your resolution. That’s fine.


Its ok if you failed it


Most people fill guilty when they could not keep their new year resolutions and blame themselves Accountable.

If you are feeling the same then you are not alone.

Do not buy anything from so cold motivators or WhatsApp university.

Stay firm with your intention and give it another chance. There is nothing more important than being happy.

Celebrate this New Year with new hopes and new resolutions.


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