GM Diet Plan: Pros and Cons That You Should Know About

GM diet planIntroduction

Are you one of those who keep on looking for ways to lose weight very quickly?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ you are in the right place.

Before we go into details of how you can lose weight quickly, let us talk about the fitness myths that go around in social media. Top 3 myths are here

  1. To get results you have to put in a lot of time
  2. You have to work out 6 days a week
  3. Fitness needs to be a competition

Diet Plan vs Workout

diet plan vs workout


People try different ways to reduce weight quickly. Some people try to reduce weight by following intermittent fastingIt is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and fasting. 

In addition, Some people try only full-body workout to reduce weight but remember weight loss is all about 90% of what you eat and 10% workout. So, you have to mix up a few things to get the desired result.

What most people forget is that weight loss requires full dedication and takes quite a lot of time. One should not look for the instant results here. Keep in mind it is not only a diet plan or only workout but a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits.

All about GM Diet Plan

If one aims to get results in the shortest possible time, GM Diet Plan might just be what you are looking for. It is the best possible known Diet Plan after 1200 calorie meal plan that would help you reduce at least 5-8 kgs in 7 days. 


Gm diet plan history


The original plan is said to be created for the employees of General Motors in 1985 and was developed with help from the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture, with extensive testing at the Johns Hopkins Research Center. However, today it is said to be a myth and exact origin is not known.

The main goal of Diet plan is to help reduce weight in a short span. The diet plan is mainly vegetarian oriented; however, non-vegetarians can try and make few variations if they can’t do without meat. It is important that one should follow the diet closely so that the desired results are achieved. In case of any medical conditions, consult your doctor. 

Workout and Yoga

workout vs yoga


It is divided into seven days and each day had different rules. Along with the below diet plan, you will have to also do a little exercise in the morning or evening. You can perform low-intensity workouts like Yoga for about 10 minutes. Take care that you don’t exercise heavily since very light food would be consumed throughout the week.

The main focus is to eat in such a manner that toxins are flushed out, thus help you reduce that excess weight. The diet is an amalgamation of fibers, vitamins, healthy proteins and very little carbohydrates. It is of utmost importance that at least 2 liters of water is consumed which would help in faster digestion. 

7 days plan


  • Day 1 – All fruits day. Avoid having a banana.
  • Day 2 – Start your day by having a baked potato. Have vegetables the entire day except starchy vegetables and corn
  • Day 3 – Have a combination of Fruits and Vegetables except for starchy vegetables and bananas
  • Day 4 – Have only Milk, yogurt and Banana
  • Day 5 – Eat only Tomatoes. Non-vegetarians can consume proteins in the form of chicken, fish, and turkey
  • Day 6 – Consume only Vegetables and Brown Rice. Avoid having starchy veggies.
  • Day 7 – Have Vegetables, Brown Rice and Fruit Juice. Avoid having starchy veggies.

Every day you can consume as much cabbage soup you can have along with that day’s plan.

However,  make sure you don’t have more than 3 bowls of soup every day. It is important that you consume at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. 

According to,  a recent survey, when compared to other diet plans, the GM diet has been 85% effective in making people lose at least 5 kilos in one week. 

Nevertheless,  you make up your mind and start your plan, check out both the pros and cons of the diet plan.

GM diet plan Pros and Cons

GM dit pla pros and consPros

  • The diet plan actually works. The weight loss is visible after the first week of the following.
  • If you are looking to lose weight in a quick time, this is an effective way to do so.
  • Studies have also shown that this diet plan helps in cleansing the body of toxins.
  • The plan encourages you to have mostly unprocessed food which makes the journey of losing weight that much easier and you stay away from alcohol, sugary drinks, packaged foods, and refined oils.


  • As per plan your carb and protein intake reduce and the body consumes the protein from the body muscle.
  • Reduced intake of carb and protein induces exhaustion and lethargy.
  • The weight loss is temporary in some of the cases if you stop following the diet plan you could go back to the same weight from where you started. The main reason is that with this diet, you lose more of the water weight than the fat. 
  • In some cases, people have report headaches because of rapid weight loss.
  • It is a fast way to reduce weight but it is not the most efficient way.
  • The other issue with this diet plan is there are no exercise guidelines within the program.

Without a doubt, it is a quick fix. However, You should learn to listen to your body and the way it tries to communicate with you. If you feel too tired and weak, stop right there and continue with your regular eating ways. Avoid gorging on junk food or high-calorie food after the regime since that would only bring back the weight loss instantly. 

Meanwhile, your duration of 7 days, be aware that you take care of your diet for the next 7 days too, before resuming your original daily diet. It is wiser to lose weight slowly and gradually rather than going through a calorie deficient diet. If you do decide to undergo this diet, remember that results would vary from person to person.

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