Full body workout exercises

Full body workout exercises you can do at home

List of Full body workout Exercises:

Nearly every other person these days is looking full body workout exercises at home without any equipment which can help to lose those extra pounds or adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercise daily.

Do gym workouts daily can be very difficult to manage, which is why a lot of people look forward to full body workout exercises at home.

One of the main concerns of people is the difficulty to buy equipment for exercise and recommended machines.

When you decided to flat your tummy in a short time, it is not necessary to buy the machines yet, it’s important to develop a simple exercise routine.

Remember, workouts and exercises are all there to help you lose weight quickly, but your ideal goal can always be achieved most quickly if you focus on eating a healthy diet alongside the full-body workout.

      • Attaining flexibility

      • Maintaining physical fitness

      • Strengthening of cardiovascular moves

      • Weight loss

      • Instant energy boost

This workout will take only 20 minutes of your day, and you will see the results in just a month!

Always listen to your own body and not what other people say. Substitute your workouts and pay attention to professional weight loss plans. It is essential to sometimes try a different plan for better health.

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Along with workout, make sure that:

      • Drink enough water

      • Add more veggies to your meal

      • Regular workouts

      • Maintain your sleep cycle.

Let’s start a full-body workout plan at home


full body workout plank

Planks are harder to perform than they seem. There are different types of planks.

Front Plank

Front Plank has done by lying down on your stomach and holding yourself up by your elbows. In this exercise, the muscles of your abdomen, and spinal cord are focused. This is to be done 45 seconds followed by 10-second rest.

Side planks

Side plank is the same as the front plank except it done on your side. Do each side 30 seconds, followed by another 10-second break.



Crunches workout will focus on the upper and lower body in a simultaneous manner.

You need to bring about the opposite elbow and knee together while still maintaining a flat back on the floor.

The easy way to perform this is to lie faceup with your legs in a tabletop position (knees bent 90 degrees and stacked over your hips).

Next, you need to place your hands behind your head, elbows bent and pointing out to the sides.

Move your abs to curl your shoulders off the floor. Start from this position to bring your right elbow to the left knee and vice versa.

Continue this exercise for one minute. Take a 10-second break and follow the steps again. This will make you feel your abs working and twisting.


full body workout squat


Squats will focus your lower body. The correct way to perform squats is to stand with feet a little wider than hip-width, toes facing front.

Next, you need to drive your hips back while bending at the knees and ankles.

Remember to press your knees slightly open. Sit into a squat position while maintaining your heels and toes on the ground.

Keep your chest up and shoulders back. Do to rounds of 10 squats followed by a 10-second break.

If you are a beginner. Up the number of squats in multiples of 5 as you progress into the daily routine for a full-body workout.

There are multiple variations you can perform.

  1. Goblet Squat
  2. Jump squat
  3. Squat jack
  4. Sumo Squat
  5. Overhead Squat 

Jumping Jacks

full bocy workout jumping jacksJumping jacks is a quite energetic workout that involves the movement of the full body.

It is a calorie killing cardio that stimulates the heart rate and pulse rate. All this helps in shaping muscles that reduce the fat and maintain your weight balance.

      • 100 jumping jacks can burn a maximum of 200 calories

      • Increase the capacity of the heart and lungs

      • Prevent Type 2 Diabetics

Blast your calories with regular jumping jacks and surpass your fitness goals easily.

It can be done anywhere – without any kind of equipment. You can enjoy your past records for jumping and break it and then set the new one.

 Butt Kickers

Full body workout Butt KickersA Butt Kicker is a warm-up exercise. It supports the cardiovascular movement that infuses warmth inside the body – slowly and steadily reducing the fat. It strengthens the bones and protects them from internal injuries.

      • Good for knees

      • Increase your heart rate

      • Boost up metabolism

Resembles with a full-body workout plan – increasing your stamina and breathing power at the helm. Break your record everyday by increasing the number of counts of butt kickers. Go and get a leap on your way.

Leg Lifts

Full body workout leg liftsLeg Lifts is absolutely a muscle strengthening exercise that targets Iliopsoas. It involves the movement of abs and your legs that improves flexibility and burn calories faster. You must repeat it for better results.

Press your lower back to the floor and stretch your hands in the horizontal direction. Raise your legs perpendicular to the floor and hold your breath for 3 to 5 seconds. Practice it regularly and endure the strength of an ankle. With no pain, you will get no gain.

      • Reduces the risk of back injury

      • Ensures strength and stability

      • Improves your posture


Full body workouts BurpeesBurpees give you the spotlight as it improves the shape of the body and makes you active and energetic. It is a full-body exercise that primarily focus upon – balancing and flexibility. It is also known as smart pick training exercise.

With three sets of ten Burpees for fifteen days will improve your running habit. It releases endorphins that keep you healthy and active even after the workout gets over. Try it out and feel the after workout freshness.

      • Burns 10 to 15 calories per minute

      • Speedily burn belly fat

      • Consistent Burpees give you effective result


Full body workout push ups

Do you know push-ups are known as compounding exercise? They are highly beneficial for the shoulders, chest, abs, legs, and triceps. Fast push-ups can boost your immune system and improves your muscular movement.

      • Strengthen the cardiovascular system

      • Improves full-body stretching

      • Protection from back injuries

Challenge your friend and ask him to join the push-ups league. Wear a fitness band and calculate the number of calories burnt. Such a fitness challenge will make your goal accomplishment easy leading to healthier living.


Full body workout twistsLet’s twist and turn and get rid of belly fat. They target mainly on core muscular part – oblique muscles. Do you know it enhances your immune system? Moreover, it alleviates stress and anxiety at par. So, do it regularly and stay blissful.

Try all forms of a twist- Power Hooks, Standing Side Crunch, Side Bends, Spiderman and many more and add strength to your legs and back. Along with that, also focus upon proper diet and meal for an effective outcome.

      • Twist aids in the digestive system

      • Supports cleansing of the blood

      • Improves the performance of the nervous system


full body workout sit upsYes, flat belly is always in trend but how to get it? Try sit-ups on a routine basis that gives you an improved posture. It reduces the risk of back injury and enhances metabolism. This abdominal exercise increases the flexibility if tried daily before going to bed.

      • Improves the endurance power

      • More than 10 sit-ups improve the muscle mass

      • Practice breathing

You can accept one-day sit-ups challenge and follow the steps to boost your motivation and dedication towards fitness goals. Monitor your sweat level with some professional fitness apps. You will enjoy regular sit-ups.


full body workout bridgesBridges is one of the most effective and interesting exercises. It targets the abdominal muscle and reduces the buttock fats. It will definitely improve your athletic performance. Therefore, try repeatedly and prevent knee and back pain.

Do not rest in between or else you will have to run for a mile. Appreciate continuity and your sweat will make you feel the result.

      • Surely improve your golf game

      • Helps into a faster sprint

      • Fuels you with energy and positive vibes


full body workout LungesDo you know that lunges can shape your back and body? They awaken the muscles and improves the circulatory flow of blood within the nerves and brain. They strongly promote relaxation and stability if they continued for a longer time.

      • Runners and cyclist must do it regularly

      • Leans muscle and reduce body fat

      • Makes your body symmetrical


Stretching is a morning exercise that kick starts your hard work out. It reduces the stiffness among the muscles and improves the overall functional performance. Of course, it reduces the stress hormones and keeps your heart healthy and active.

      • Reduces body aches

      • Improves blood flow into the muscles

      • Alleviate tension and relaxes your mind

The Bottom Line

Know how to be physically healthy and active. Above we have discussed 12 week full body workout plan at home that are focusing upon workout routines for beginners inclusive of a healthy diet and routinize practice maintaining blood rate and boosting energy level to a greater extent.

It can be rewarding if you strictly follow this 12-week weight loss exercise plan. It will lead you to a better and healthy lifestyle. To witness and monitor the results, download workout apps and track your performance graph.

Turn your fat into fit.

“After 12 weeks from now, you will thank yourself”

“You need to step out of your comfort zone to experience something breathtaking.”

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