Every year, millions of people across the world make various New Year resolutions based on health and fitness. However, most of them forget such resolutions even within only one-month. A common reason for this is that sticking to work out and weight loss or muscle gain involves hard work to some extent.

Furthermore, as we pack in our office-related work or household work, we often forget our promise to involve in a workout routine, morning walk exercise or anything similar. However, it is the time to understand that health is the biggest wealth and achievement of our life. Thus, merely creating resolutions is not enough for it. Instead, we now require goal setting for better health at present and in near future.

Fitness Ideas to Follow Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you are an entirely new to exercise or workout or want to improve your mind state, you have to start for fitness plan by creating a list of New Year resolution ideas. This will depend on your existing physical condition; such as you want to lose weight, gain mass or simply want to boost your strength. In general, you should opt for the following fitness idea collections-

Idea1-Increase Your Fruits and Veggies Intake Daily

Regardless of full body or a specific body area you want to work on, increasing the intake of fruits and veggies daily helps you to improve your health. When you have fruits and veggies more, you not only avoid starve and control your craving but also get the essential nutrients to stay energized for the whole day.

Idea2-Maintain Your Water Intake Properly

Almost every type of physical exercise and/or activity involves excessive sweating to burn your additional calories and to give further energy. However, to balance the water loss via sweating, you should make sure to stay hydrated regularly. Especially, if you involve in cardio, Zumba, samba, salsa or aerobic exercise, it is better to have 1sip of water after every 10minutes.

Idea3Maintain Balance in Physical Activities

Most of the times, people fail to stick to their resolutions for the New Year because they get bored with monotonous gym workout sessions. If you are the one, we recommend you to maintain a balance in your physical activities. For this, you should include a few of the flexibility and strength training programs, along with regular lower body and upper body exercises in your regime. This also helps you reducing your burnout or injury, achieve fitness in overlooked areas and boost your performance level in the coming months.

Idea4-Enhance Your Knowledge

Exercise of your mind is equally important as that of your body, as it lets you to stay happy for lifetime. One of the best ways to join classes to enhance your knowledge and give an effective workout to your sleeping brain cells.

Tips to Stick to Your Resolutions

Once you get some of the effective New Year Resolutions for the year, we recommend you a few of the essential tips, which help you to stick to your resolutions at least for the whole year.

Create Your Workout Plan

Before you should start any exercise program, you should know when you should do exercise. Secondly, you have to identify the convenient times and days for a specific type of workout to do in each week. Also, you have to think about the type of exercise you can do easily or enjoy. Positively, you may now get plenty of easy and interesting exercises for weight loss, muscle gain and others by installing workout apps in your phone.

Involve Your Friend in the Exercise

After you find the best free workout routine app for women and men to lose weight, you have to involve your friend to perform exercise with you. By starting your fitness journey with good partner will increase your probability to achieve success in the later months.