In the recent few years, a large number of people have shown their interests to dedicate at least one hour to spend in gyms, fitness centers, yoga centers or any other place to involve in physical exercise. Because of this, no matter we visit, we find large numbers of individuals with different opinions about what one should or should not do in the fitness center or gym. However, at the same time, a few people have developed a few of the myths related to fitness, which should be avoided to get the best results.

Myth 1-You Have to Follow Spot Reduction or Work on Targeted Areas

A common myth among fitness freaks is that they often believe that working on targeted areas or spot reduction technique helps in faster fat loss. Accordingly, such individuals focus only on burning fat in specific area of their bodies. However, this never works for you. Our body fat comprises of triglycerides i.e. fatty acids and glycerol, which your body may use in the form of energy. While you do gym workout or exercise, you obtain the energy from any of your body parts and not necessarily from your targeted area.

Myth 2-You May Overlook Your Diet if You Do Regular Exercise

Most of the times perceive that one can ditch the diet plan or may have junk foods if they do regular exercise at least for one hour. However, the way you look from outside and the extent, up to which you are healthy from inside are two different things. Accordingly, unhealthy diet combined with exercise does not give or may give short term results. However, if you want to get long-term result associated with fitness goals, you have to follow a healthy diet plan.

Myth 3-The Concept of No Pain No Gain

Most of the individuals involved in weight loss or muscle gain have a common wrong misconception that they will get the required results faster only if they bear chronic or severe pain. However, you have to understand that pain and muscle soreness never indicates an effective workout; rather, your gym workout involves a combination of diverse factors. Besides, if you force yourself to complete your workout target (say 3 sets of 30reps each) by ignoring the signal of your body to stop for the day, you will subject yourself to various other health hazards. You have to remember that workout should give you an empowering experience to let you feel good.

Myth 4-Caffeinated Beverages and Slim Teas/Coffees are Helpful

With a huge amount of caffeine, most of slim teas/coffees and caffeinated beverages do harm to your health. When you force your metabolism to mimic as that of any fit athlete, you stuck or may face many fitness-related problems in the near future.

Myth 5-Increase in Heart Rate Lets You to Burn More Calories

The idea behind the evaluation of heart rate is not only to track the amounts of burnt calories and thereby, identify your deficit in terms of it. Instead, heart rate and/or pulse rate identifies your optimum heart rate to sustain your performance.

Myth 6-Having High Protein Meals Make You Healthy and Fit

Having food items rich in protein helps to increase muscular mass. However, your body needs additional nutrients to stay healthy. Thus, to follow an effective fitness program, you have to make sure about a perfect balance between macronutrients and micronutrients to provide proper nourishment to your body.

Myth 7-We Do Not Need Any Rest Day

Most of us perceive that we do not need any day to have rest from intensive exercises or workouts. However, regardless of the type of exercise we do regularly, like freestyle exercise, cardio exercise or weight loss and weight gain exercise, you should never miss an important component of health and fitness i.e. rest. This is because; rest makes sure to provide you the highest possible outcome. Also, rest allows our body to rest, reset and recover before we should move ahead for second round of our exercise.